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 Forum Rules.

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RO Mania Staff
RO Mania Staff

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PostSubject: Forum Rules.   Tue May 10, 2011 6:58 pm

RO mania is a community comprised of gamers from various nationalities, capable of speaking multiple languages. As such with the difference in backgrounds and culture that come along with this community, it also come with the high possible that opinions and topics that you find offensive or may bother you psychologically may be expressed and discussed by other players may it by their posts, actions, implied, images or even links, this may apply to you as well. Keep in mind that things you find normal may have different effects or worse are taken offensively by others. We ask that players would be careful of their words and use common sense at all times. This Warning is given to ensure that players are already knowledgeable and therefore cannot take "ignorance" as an excuse to avoid punishment.

Resolving of each case is solely under the discretion of our GM team and may or may not be displayed publicly.

The best advice we can give respond to harassment is by not responding back at all.

The likely course of account action for violating any of the rules would be:

1. Player is given a Warning
2. Player is temporarily suspended from the game and/or forums
3. Any further violations will result in accounts' closure.

Violations include the following:

Double Posting without valid reason will cause warning, excessive spamming however are grounds for temporary suspension of your forum account, this would depend on the severity, further spamming would result to account closure.
Off-Topic posting will only cause a warning, but intentionally and frequent off-topic posting may result to temporary ban and depending on the severity may cause account closure.


RO mania community is a multicultural player base. Neither our GM team, nor the community accepts or tolerates racial, religious, or ethnic harassment. This includes but is not limited to negative remarks made about any citizen of a specific country (native to the player or not). No slandering of a person’s race, culture or religious views will be permitted and is punishable.

Sexual Orientation / Sexual Harassment:

Slander directed to a player’s sexual preference will not be tolerated. This issue is not taken lightly and may result in a warning or the temporary suspension of your account. Harassment that involves a person’s gender and/or encourages sexual behavior is not permitted, nor is any sort of inappropriate sexual references made about a player’s physical appearance in or out of the game. Both are grounds for punishment.

Inappropriate Language
All players should be mindful of those around them and watch their language. Directing expletives or other offensive words (in any language) to another player may result in a warning or, depending on the severity.

Personal Information
Discussing your own personal information with another player is not prohibited, although it is strongly discouraged. Publicly displaying another player’s personal information is strictly forbidden and depending on the severity.

Threat of Malicious Activity:
This includes but is not limited to any report concerning physical violence, destruction or defacement of a person’s property, infecting or damaging another user’s computer, and threatening to compromise a player’s account. Any reports of such activity may result to permanent ban.

Links to Third Party Websites or Images
Posting or displaying links that direct to a location other than the Sites and Services is not a violation; however should the link that you provide (whether publicly or privately visible to another player) include any content that is in direct violation of this policy, you will be held accountable. Any image that you make public in our forums must adhere by this policy and shall not include: full nudity, overly offensive language, obscene gestures, sexual innuendo, drug related content, explicit images of violence or hate, symbols that represent hatred for another nation or people. Also, to avoid confrontation we ask that you do not post images that express and opinion about, glorify, or slander any major political leaders (past or present).

Mentioning other Servers

Other Servers are in no way connected to RO mania, if there are, it would be mentioned. If you posted a server's name that's not related to RO mania, you will be suspended and if you continue to do so, will result to IP ban. This is to ensure that no one will advertise any other servers on our server.

By reading our rules, you'd agree that are not ignoring our policy and understand the consequences of your actions inside this forum.
Other Issues may not be mentioned/included in the above list, Common Sense would apply at all times.
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Forum Rules.
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